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Divine Warrior Protection and Intelligence customizes every service to meet your specific needs. The first step in assisting you in every way possible is to begin with a private complementary consultation with your personal agency representative.

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Corporate Intelligence & Investigations >

  • Corporate Espionage Investigations

  • Corporate Fraud Investigations

  • Due Diligence Investigations

  • Litigation Support

  • Cyber Crime Investigations

  • Theft Investigations

  • Covert Operations

  • Agent Surveillance

  • Video Monitoring

  • Stalking

Protective Services >

  • Executive Protection

  • Executives, Celebrities, Musicians

  • Actors and Actresses, Politicians

  • Non-Domestic Protection and 
    Threat Assessment

  • Corporate Security

  • Public Appearances

  • High Profile Events

  • Emergency Services

  • Yacht Security

  • Aviation Protection

Luxury Lifestyle Services >

  • Destination management

  • Continuity of Life

  • Support Services

Consulting Services >

  • Confidential Personal Consulting

  • Risk Analysis

  • Gap Analysis

Please feel free to contact your management agent by visiting our Moncton contact page.

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