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Here is a listing of things to help with your training.  Learn & earn!  Commit to one time or all the time; no time limits.  Click on what interests you!

work exchange

1.  Work Exchange - Involves many choices.  Get credit on your time with as little as 15, 30, 60 mins, daily, weekly or monthly.  No limits.  Put some of your skill and ideas to the test.  Earn Bujin Bucks fast & easy, or in many cases, cash.  -Computer Skills:  Sensei always has video editing to do!  Needs help getting videos out.  If your looking for more experience in training to do this.  Inquire within.  Teaching sessions on Adobe Premiere Pro may be required.  View our YouTube videos to learn how we present.  This can be done on your own device at your own home.  Keep track of your time.  -Running errands, like a personal assistant:  If you own a vehicle and have a couple of hours to drive around the city, then this may be for you.  We provide a list & money to do the task at hand.  This involves going to a store (ex. hardware).  -Work in Sensei's home:  Several things that need to be done! We can provide a list to you upon request.  Some may include hard labour or light duties. If you are a bit of a mechanic or handy person, this may be what you like. You can do as much or as little you choose. Day time/evening!

2.  Family Discount - What this means for our paying clients is each family member gets a 50% discount off the previous member.  Primary pays 100%, second member pays 50%, a third member pays 25%, and fourth pays 13%, and so on.  All must be living in the same household.

3.  Recruiting - As members of our Bujinkan/Ninjutsu group, we encourage all to invite friends to train.  Members that are paying will get credit or discounts for bringing in new members.  This also could involve handing out flyers, distributing business cards (ask for cards), any campaign at the time we run, or something of your own.  All members are encouraged to get the word out! (Social media, word of mouth, etc.) We will inform all members when things are happening.  For any 2 new members you recruit that stay for a whole module (5 months), you get 5 complete months of training free! Furthermore, if you branch out to open a dojo of your own someday, those recruits are encouraged to go with you, so you build your group now.  For each recruit that shows up for the 1st time, you also get a free training/movie on DVD, shaker cups, t-shirts, knives and possibly other things as they are available.  We may post what is available HERE so watch often.

4.  Product/Service Exchange -  If you have a specialized skill, chances are, you could use it to provide a needed service to Shihan Steeves and he will give you the market value back in training, equipment, gradings, whatever you need.  Bartering.

5.  Free Mondays - Mondays are always free.  Starts @ age 13+ adults.  Just show up!

6.  Free Bujin Bucks - This is credit earned in our store that can be spent anywhere.  Sign in to your Bujin Bucks here and then in the Bujin Bucks panel in the lower left, How to Earn More Bujin Bucks.  1 Bujin Buck is one actual dollar.  You earn 1 Bujin Buck for a multitude of actions, such as making an order, review a product, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Instagram, Like on Facebook, share on Twitter, share in Facebook, when you celebrate a birthday, when you sign up, refer someone to the store, are referred to the store by someone else, etc.

7.  Find a mistake? - Yep.  Just like it sounds.  If you notice any mistakes anywhere, in anything, be it anything on this website, in our store, as far as spelling or broken links, or affiliate products that don't work anymore, or even in print if you are a local student from paperwork I hand out, you are entitled to a reward!  You have made it better for all of us.

family discount
product/service exchange
free mondays
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