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When we are inside, we are at the Uplands Baptist Church on 398 Salisbury Rd., Moncton, NB. In summer, some training is outside at the same location, or the nearby park, and occasionally elsewhere.

Hatsumi Sensei and someone else training outside.



We try to mimic as real a scenario as possible and this includes outdoor locations.  We are not always outside, but when we are, you can expect terrain like snow, ice, sand, grass, parking lots, hills, rain, in water, night time, in vehicles, or other unique environments to hone your skills.

A guy wrapping his hands to start training.



When we train indoors, the atmosphere is always clean and safe.  The floor utilizes basic training etiquette and politeness as well.  Lesson plans are presented clearly and constructively to build upon week after week.  Enter side door.  We are in the basement.

All sorts of weapons on racks on the wall.



We use a wide array of equipment and training weapons from the ancient traditional weapons to modern versions of all of these.  All are safe.  All weapon skills are transferable to common objects such as brooms, unbrellas, canes, or smaller objects like pens and credit cards.  These provide a fun and very educational atmosphere.  Safety is always number one priority.

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