Noguchi Sensei and Hatsumi Soke


There is the main class and other options to tailor your needs if necessary.

Main classes are for anyone aged 13+.  They are held at the St John the Baptist Anglican Church, from 6:45 PM-8:45 PM on Mondays.

We also have the following classes.  Some of these do not run all the time, depending on interest or waiting lists.  Inquire for details:

Adults 13+ Monday, 6:45PM-8:45PM.  We typically focus on intermediate level combat  on this day (such as Taijutsu).  (check cost here)

Adults 13+ Friday 6:45PM-8:45PM.  We typically focus on strategic arts of the Ninja unrelated to combat on this day.  (check cost here)

Adults 13+ Saturday 12PM-2PM.  We typically focus on beginner level combat  on this day (such as Taijutsu).  FREE!

Women's Self-Defence (Next one coming soon.) (Click here!)

Law Enforcement Improvement (waiting list)

Seniors (waiting list)

Ability (for disabled individuals) (waiting list)

Private Training (check cost)

Blind/partially blind seminars, organized by CNIB (no cost)

In some cases, there are grading fees, or equipment/books/videos are not included. All these are not required, but by request.

We also have a few program options which would allow students to have all fees & costs waived, such as work exchange, recruitment programs, family discounts, or donations from others.  Click here!